The church adopted this Vision Statement in 1999:

As part of the world-wide Church, worshipping and praying, welcoming and caring, witnessing and learning, we seek :

To express our faith and our love for God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit in corporate worship, building on the strengths of our denominational traditions

To exercise our dependence on God by grounding all our activities in prayer

To recognize the authority of Scripture and to apply biblical teaching in our lives

To be a welcoming Christian community, supporting each other and caring for others

Following the example of Jesus, to use every opportunity to share our faith, in words, actions and all aspects of our lives

To play our part in the world-wide Church as it seeks to do God's work, by prayer, direct involvement or any other means

To provide opportunities for learning to enable everyone to grow in Christ

To recognize God's gifts in ourselves and each other and provide for the development and use of those gifts

To be good stewards of all resources, enabling us to be a symbol and focus for God's presence in our community and to care for God's creation.